5 reasons to attend Orange Coast College

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Orange Coast College Costa Mesa CA

Orange Coast College or OCC as the locals call it has that bang-for-the-buck value. If you’ve recently graduated from high school and you think that attending a four-year university will be pricey, you have the great opportunity to start your college courses at community colleges. Community colleges should not be looked at as a bad start but instead, a wise decision to save money in the long run.

I attended Portland State University right away after high school. I never really thought about finances. My mother paid for my tuition but at $30,000 a year, it can be too much. I was of course, an out-of-state student.

I moved back to California and attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. The school offers a lot of courses for a huge mark down, tuition-wise. I think the tuition then was about $36 per unit. It beats having to pay $300 a unit at Portland State.

So here are reasons why you should attend Orange Coast College or one of the colleges at the Coast Community College District:

1. Affordability

We already discussed that. This is not only great for recent high school grads but also for those who are looking to continue their education. Life gets in the way and most unfortunately, we forget about continuing our education.

The school offers financial aid and the board of governors fee waiver (BOGFW) that pays for your classes but not your registration fees. The registration fees are only $40 a term.

2. Evening Classes

If you choose to work during the day, you can still attend school at night. There are many general education and trade classes offered at night. For the first year that I was at Orange Coast College, most of my classes were at night.

I pretty much earned a certification in marketing by taking my classes in the evening.

3. Online Courses

If you can’t find any classes that fits your schedule, there are always online classes but some may be limited in space. If that’s the case, make sure that you apply for Golden West College and Coastline Community College as well. CCC offers plenty of distant learning programs. Yes, you can take Spanish or Math at home as long as you have a computer and access to the internet.

4. A variety of programs!

The school offers a variety of certification programs and Associate’s degree. You can get a certification or a degree in fashion design, interior design, welding, culinary arts, marketing, and so much more. These programs offer courses that are available online and in the evenings as well.

5. Location

The location of the school is important to some. Guess what? Orange Coast College is approximately 15 away from the beach. You are at least half an hour away from Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Seal Beach, and Laguna Beach. You can even do a bit of studying there after school!

The school is also surrounded by many cafés and restaurants. South Coast Plaza is about ten minutes away and you have an IKEA ten minutes away down at Harbor blvd. You will need a car to get around.

So there you go. If you are looking to go to college or get back to college – OCC might be the perfect school for you. If you are from another state looking to move to California and do not want to go to a public four year university, make sure you check out Orange Coast College and the rest of the Coast Community College district.


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