Nearby Wanderer is a lifestyle and travel blog based out of Orange County, California. This blog showcases the brighter side of living. Ron and Jessica travel to nearby places (sometimes far) to discover new and exciting “things.” After all, Southern California is a haven of diversity, a melting pot of different people and cultures, a paradise filled with beautiful landscapes, and home to tasty food.

When we drive out, weaving through the busy streets of Los Angeles and Orange County, we make it a mission to try new things and to explore mazes of knowledge, emotions, and soul encased in food, artifacts, architecture, and landscapes.

Nearby Wanderer is about exploring what we can, in the particular amount of time we’re given. Life doesn’t have to be fixated in repetition or routine. Although, being grounded for a while gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve learned about the world that never fails to inspire us.

The point is: There’s always something to discover, things to learn, places to go to, and aspects of ourselves to improve on. Let’s discover these things together!


nearby wanderer

About Ron

A little selfie before the Los Angeles U2 Concert. Ron (left) and Jessica (right) #U2ieTour

A little selfie before the Los Angeles U2 Concert. Ron (left) and Jessica (right) #U2ieTour

I am a K-12 academic tutor, freelance writer, and an obsessed Jack Russell Terrier fanatic. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I always tell people how I came to the realization that teaching is what I want to do:

“I’ve asked myself over and over, ‘what is it that I like to do in life.’ The answer I found was, my love of talking and yapping. Just talking about things I’m passionate about like sociology, political science, U.S. history, languages, and the arts. And I could talk all day without getting tired. ‘That’s it!’ I’m going to be a teacher.’ And besides that, all joking aside, I’d like to shape the minds of young people, help them realize their dreams while encouraging them to see the realities, whether harsh or beautiful, of the world we live in.”

And so, while pursuing this degree to become a teacher and hopefully one day to be a professor, I chose to start Nearby Wanderer to share my love of the cultures, people, and life itself.

About Jessica

Jessica at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon.

Jessica at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon.

Jessica is currently a student at Cal State University Long Beach, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. She would like to work in Public Relations or Marketing after graduation. Jessica is a dog and cat lover, a WWE fan, a Disney trivia wizard, and a traveler. She loves discovering new things and enjoys learning about different cultures.

Although born in Orange County, she was raised in the small town of Sisters, Oregon and was a native of the Pacific Northwest prior to moving to Southern California. She has explored and traveled to many places including the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Austria. Recently, she traveled with her other half Ron to the Philippines.

Jessica is one of the photographers for Nearby Wanderer.


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