Daiso Japan: The “Dollar Store” for the Adventurous

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Daiso sign

I’m sure you’ve been to a Dollar Tree or a 99-cent store before. You’ve probably bought supplies for a party, a few toys that toddlers can be occupied with for a while, or have bought totally useless junk just because they’re “cheap.” However, if you’re looking for more useless-but-charming junk, I recommend Daiso Japan. From toilet bowl cleaners to colorful underwear garments, you can find it here. It is simply the Japanese version of the Dollar Tree but almost everything is a dollar-fifty. Well, some can go for $3 but we’ll talk about that later.

Everything is $1.50 at Daiso unless price as marked

everything $1.50 daiso japan

Yes, everything is $1.50 unless price as marked. The highest price I’ve seen is about $4.00 and that’s for this mannequin below:

mannequin doll daiso japan

I don’t know how this mannequin is used but I’m sure there’s a child somewhere with a school project in need of a mannequin. Speaking of that, take your student to Daiso Japan for some school project supplies!

These photos are taken with my BlackBerry Passport, so they may not come out as good. But we went to Daiso without our camera, so I hope these photos are okay. Nevertheless, let’s get on with the adventure.

The Daiso Japan Store

The store’s layout is your typical discount store but way brighter. I’m sure the employees do their best to arrange everything neatly but due to the abundance of useless-but-charming junk, you may feel that the store is heavily cluttered.

daiso japan aisle

daiso japan store

daiso japan store

Daiso japan scissors

If you’re looking for temporary (or forever) iPhone charging cables:

Daiso Japan charging cables

daiso japan store

Notebooks and etc.

Daiso Japan notebooks

daiso notebooks

daiso japan posters

For Dining and Kitchenware

daiso japan

daiso kitchenware

You can now have your kids cook with these:

daiso japan cooking ware

Your kids can even bake with you (or at least whisk an egg):

daiso hand mixer

Or see whatever this thing does. I think it works for cake frosting.

daiso japan cream squeezer

I highly recommend Daiso for some basic cookware appropriate for a day barbecue or house party. You can also find food containers for packing school or work lunch.

daiso japan cutlery set

If you need some cheap mugs, tea sets, bowls, glasses, plates, and all that jazz, you can find some good stuff here.

daiso japan kitchen

daiso japan porcelain bowls

daiso japan porcelain bowls

daiso japan bowls

daiso dining

daiso japan dish

Daiso Japan mugs

Organize your office or your home:

Daiso Japan boxes

How about makeup and accessories? They have that too!

Daiso Japan makeup

daiso japan nail polish

daiso japan socks

How about these colorful things?

Daiso japan bras

Daiso Japan also has some tasty snacks!

We sometimes go here if we need some work or study snacks. They’re delicious and cheap. Thankfully, there are a few Daiso stores in our area. Here are some of Daiso’s snacks:

Daiso japan snacks

Daiso Japan snacks

Daiso Japan yanyan

Again, I apologize for the grainy photos as we forgot our camera at home. But I hope you enjoyed looking into this eccentric store!

So this has been our adventure at a Daiso Japan store. Have you ever been to this place? How about a place like this? What do you usually get or what do you go here for? Leave us a comment below!


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