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Los Angeles Skyline Nearby Wanderer

I’m nobody to most people. The world is inhabited by more than six billion people and the world is still far too big for a lot of us. Being a college student, living with limited funds, I cannot travel around the world and see all of its culture, history, and people.

However, I can start at home! I live in Southern California and I love visiting new places in my own hometown. Orange County is where I reside. As much as we don’t want to say it, we tend to take the “norm” for granted but there is indeed beauty, history, and culture in everything we see. I usually wander in places nearby, hence, Nearby Wanderer.

Los Angeles Skyline Nearby Wanderer

As much as possible, I try to drive with my girlfriend and friends and just get lost in Orange County, LA, or San Diego. If I have a little bit of gas to spare, why not? We would spot shops, restaurants, museums, obscure places, and landmarks that we have never seen before. But they’ve always been there. All I had to do was get lost.

So, I started this this blog, Nearby Wanderer. I am a newbie at travel writing/blogging but I want to share a lot of things about Southern California with you. If you are thinking of moving here or visiting, I hope I can recommend some places to you. I hope that this website would be able to inform and entertain. I hope that the pictures and blog posts you see will entice you to visit or move down here.

Of course, I would be traveling to other places outside of California as well. For instance, I will be visiting the Philippines in the winter of 2014. I will also visit New York in 2015 and hopefully see David Letterman before he retires! Jeez, I can’t imagine late night TV without him!

Anyway, I hope you like what you see on this website!


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