Do you hate coffee? Here’s how I eventually loved it

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Cup o’ joe? Yuck, right? Many people I know yell this four letter word when talking about coffee. More than ten years ago, I said the same thing but I learned to love this bitter magic potion as I grew older. So why am I writing this “defense of coffee?” Well, I’d just like to share with those who hate coffee, that you too could eventually like and even rely on this drink. First, let’s just explore what coffee means to me.

Coffee symbolizes many things: the carpe-diem attitude when you finally wake up early in the morning; the quick-pick-me-up during your scrambled and hectic day; or when you’re anxious about personal problems in the evening. You brew a pot for friends and family when they come over or you partake on a ritual of clinking spoons and mugs on a windy afternoon as you gossip with friends. Coffee makes the day for some people like those who work in construction, a laboratory technician, a bellowing professor, and the cliché donut-eating policemen. It’s part of our culture.

These are no specific reasons why you should like coffee, of course. There are no legitimate reasons to like it at all if you want me to be honest. Some scientific journal or article online would even say that the caffeine from coffee may not really be effective in waking you up. In fact, there might be more reasons why one would hate coffee: coffee breath and the jitters. But two good reasons why I drink it and love drinking it: It tastes good to  me and via the placebo effect, it makes me feel good about myself.

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So like any other drink or food, you might eventually like coffee void of any reason but the taste or the emotion it brings you. When I drink my coffee, it just makes me feel good. It’s almost like a security blanket, almost whispering at me saying, “you’re alive and you’ll do well.” My cup of coffee is a treat, a dessert, a habit, and even an oral fixation.

So, how did I eventually like this drink? And, how does one learn to like coffee?

When I was a freshman in high school, my amazing French teacher would brew a pot every day. At one point, I found myself drinking from the pot. Of course, I did so with her permission. I just decided that I would drink coffee with cream and no sugar, just like my teacher made hers.

As I got older, I eventually invited my friends to have coffee at random coffee shops. Drinking a hot cup (or iced) with friends is just so much better. It seemed as though drinking alone is not enough. You need some chatter, some gossip, some intellectual discussion, or some trivial conversation.

I still drink my coffee this way. In essence, I associate coffee with learning, talking with friends, and being productive.

If you want to start drinking coffee but hate the taste, I suggest:
  • Start drinking iced coffee with cream/sugar or flavored creamer.
  • Do not start with Frappucinos because those resemble milkshakes more than anything.
  • Try Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or even McDonald’s.
  • Try flavored lattés from a local coffee shop or if you can settle–Starbucks.
  • Start brewing at home and adjust your cup of joe to taste.
  • Drink coffee with friends. (I think this is why I love it)

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You might not like the burnt, sour, acidic, bitter taste of coffee at first but you have to accept that it will take a while until you will come to like it.

Did you use to hate coffee and now you like it? How did you eventually learn to love it? Leave us a comment below!


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