Ipsy: Jessica’s new makeup obsession

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Ipsy bag

I have never been incredibly comfortable with makeup. It’s always been foundation, cover-up, eye-brows (because I don’t seem to have any), eye-liner, and mascara. Nothing fancy or over the top–just a little bit to help me not look like I’m sick. Whenever I have to go shopping for some new makeup I see all these fun products that I would love to try except the cost an arm and a leg and I never know if it is even going to look good on me. But then, there was Ipsy.

One day while I was doing my usual Pinteresting when I came across an ad for Ipsy and I thought it looked interesting. Ipsy is a monthly make-up and beauty sample subscription. You receive five beauty products a month for a reasonable price of $10 a month or a discounted price of $100 for the whole year. Receiving my shiny hot pink Ipsy bag in the mail has become one of the highlights of the month because I never know what new and fun things I get to try. I have been able to experiment more and found some new products that I love without shopping blind around Sephora.

My Favorite Products

I’ve received so many products with only having my subscription since January this year. There’s been face masks, brushes, lipstick and gloss, eyeliner, primers, eye shadows, eye brow gel, and more! Here are just a few of my favorites.

#1: The Bags

ipsy makeup bags

My favorite thing each month is the adorable bag that all the products come in. Each one being cuter than the last and no two are ever alike. I use these as my feminine bag, medicine bag, nail bag, jewelry (travel) bag, or anything else that I can think of. This might just be the best part of this subscription! (Well, the makeup still is)

#2: Make Up Forever – Step 1

Make up forever step 1

This is a smoothing primer. I had never used a primer before and I had no idea what I was missing out on until this product arrived. This has seriously changed the way I do my make-up! It helps smooth out those pesky pores that never seem to go away. I actually went out and bought more of this product.

#3: it Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye

bye bye under eye

This tiny little bottle is the best concealer I have ever used. If the rest of my make-up falls off by the end of the day, this baby is still there. I struggle with face problems like acne and dark circles under my eyes and this completely covers them up. This product really takes the phrase “a little dap will do ya” to a new level. It doesn’t take much to get that full coverage desired.

#4: The Organic Pharmacy – Antioxidant Lip Balm

ipsy antioxidant lip balm

My lips have never felt softer with this lip balm. I only use this in the morning before the make-up goes on and right before best. My lips haven’t been dry or chapped since I began using this. And it smells amazing!

#5: These Tweezers

ipsy tweezers

Finding the perfect tweezers has been a struggle for me. Either they let hair slip right through or are too sharp that they don’t get the whole hair and just chop it in half. These tweezers are so precise and will latch on to the hair making tweezing the eyebrows so easy!

#6 This Brush!

ipsy makeup brush

I’m not sure of this brush’s brand but it’s just oh-so wonderful. I am still learning about contouring but this brush has really helped. It is a highlighter brush but I’ve been using it for my blush and it gives me just the right coverage that I prefer.

Oh Ipsy…

ipsy new bag

The best thing about Ipsy is that you can personalize what you are going to get. I haven’t yet received a product that didn’t fit my skin tone and it’s always a nice mix of skin care and makeup products. It also relieved the stress of wandering around a make-up store with absolutely no idea of what I’m doing while some makeup genius is trying to help me. Ipsy has helped me become more confident and daring with all the things they send me.

I recommend that you try Ipsy especially if you’re like me, someone who does not really care for wandering around a makeup store.

Have you tried Ipsy yet? What do you like about makeup shopping? Leave me a comment below!


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