Jessica’s Summer Bucket List 2016

Jessica's Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer is a time for us to let loose and have fun. Once it is officially summer for me I will create all these plans in my head but I never seem to finish everything that I want to do before school sneaks back up (and that seems to be getting earlier every year). This summer there are so many things that I want to do so I decided to create a “bucket list” for myself. So this blog will all be about my summer bucket list!

For college students, summer is a time to be selfish and do the things that we want to, seeing how we have no real responsibilities beyond a part time job or maybe a pet or a plant. So…

Here is my Summer Bucket List

Hopefully I get to do all of these things. I will update you lovely people after summer whether I’ve accomplished any of this. I have a hunch that I would get to do most if not all of these things this summer, so stay tuned!

1) Have a bonfire

Gather all your friends and go the beach or woods and build a bonfire. Make sure you bring hotdogs and s’mores! Bonfires on the beach are a tradition here in California and have become one of my favorite summer activities. Every summer my friends and I manage to have at least one bonfire, my plan this summer is to have more than one!

2) Go see an outdoor movie

I saw Jaws in a park in my hometown a long time ago and it was an awesome experience. Recently I saw that almost every city have some form of an outdoor movie. In Orange County there are countless places and so many options of a movie. Most are free (which is a serious plus). What could be more perfect on those hot summer nights than being with that someone special, friend, or family watching Indiana Jones on the beach?

3) Do something fun with your hair

Summer is supposed to be fun and free. Go and get that purple hair you’ve been eyeing! My hair was super long and just recently I chopped it off in my bathroom. Sometimes you need to be spontaneous and go crazy. Now I’m just deciding on what color to put in my hair (I’m leaning towards blue). If you don’t want to spend half of your bank account at a hair salon there are cheaper options. Groupon has discounted salon visits or you could go the DIY route and chopped your hair off in the bathroom and use Kool-Aid to dye it.

4) No TV for a week

That’s right! No TV for a week! While the weather is warm, make sure you are spending enough time outside (but don’t forget the sunscreen). This might be the hardest part of this summer bucket list.

5) Put my phone down

When I went to a Bon Jovi Concert a few years ago and as I saw EVERYBODY watching the concert on their phones, I made a pact with myself that I would enjoy the moment more than just trying to document it. I recently noticed that I’ve been going back to my old ways of spending way too much time on my phone. Darn you Snapchat! Instead of Snapping what I’m doing, I plan on just enjoying it. Sure take a few pictures but don’t forget to make the memories that go with the pictures.

6) Read as many books as possible

summer bucket list reading
So far I’ve read three: The Martian, The Last Voyage, and currently reading Outlander. Reading can help with cutting down on screen time as well. I have an issue of not being able to stay focused on a book while school is in session. Either I get too into my book and neglect my studies or I forget my book all together. Summer allows me the time to read without getting distracted so I take advantage of it.

7) Watch the sunrise

Either staying up all night or waking up early watching the sunrise is an ultimate summer bucket list activity! I plan on watching this spectacular event at the beach, then have breakfast at my favorite crêpe place. It should be amazing!

8) Learn a new skill

Because I have so much free time, I would like to better myself by learning something new. I have two skills that I am currently learning more about. One is photography; I have had a SLR Camera for a while now and I never really tried to learn how to use it. Right now I’m working on ISO and shutter speed. My second skill that I am working on is this whole blogging thing. Writing has always intimidated me so I look at this as a way to overcome my fears.

9) Learn one really good recipe

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot cook! However, I have been trying and seem to be getting better. I have a few things in my cookbook that I can cook with confidence. I would like to add something else this summer.

10) Be more active

This one is just really for myself to get out of the house and enjoy my time outdoors. I really want to take advantage of the summer sun and not get stuck inside with all the electric fans just to stay cool. There is a beautiful park close by that I plan on visiting at least once a week. This definitely belongs in this summer bucket list.

11) Catch up with friends

Through out the year we can get to busy that we neglect parts of our lives. Most of the time this is our friendships. I plan on reconnecting with all my friends and hopefully make some amazing memories!

12) Write letters

Remember that amazing feeling you would get when I saw that you had a letter addressed to you in the mail? Now I’m not talking about that credit card application or coupon book. A handwritten letter with your name on it? That for me was pure joy. The art of writing letters has all but disappeared from our lives. This summer I want to bring that joy to my friends and family. I’m going to buy some pretty stationary and a good pen and get to writing!

bucketlistUltimately, my main goal for this summer is to take advantage of my free time. I only have two summers left until I will graduate from college and begin my career path, then my summer breaks will become obsolete. This is a time to try new things and to better myself. This summer will be one to remember!

How about you? What are somethings that you would like to do this summer? What is your ultimate summer bucket list? Please leave a comment below!

  • chelsea


    I love this list!!! More reading and writing letters are 2 at the top of my list as well!

    xx Chelsea

    • Jessica

      Thanks Chelsea! I recently wrote a letter to my friend in the Marines and it made me remember how wonderful a personal letter can be. Let me know how your list goes! I will post a recap at the end of summer with my results.
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you hear from you again!

  • lottie


    I’ve grown up without a TV. without cable. without netflix. you can do it, girl! it’s not that hard and it’s oh, so freeing!! great bucket list!! I might piggy back on some of them!!

    • Jessica

      Thanks for the encouragement Lottie! I’ve already cut down on watching TV before bed. I used to think that I needed it to fall asleep but for about two months now I’ve been shutting it off and reading before bed. You are right, it is oh, so freeing! I hope you let me know how your summer bucket list goes! I will post a recap at the end of summer.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  • The Stay-at-Home Mister


    No TV for a week would probably be the hardest to do, but it will for sure feel good to know you’re capable of freeing yourself from a daily routine and engaging in new activities.

    Let me know how it goes. 🙂

    • Jessica

      Yes Jan! I am nervous for that one but I am determined and hopefully it will help me cut down on watching way too much TV for good. I will keep you updated on how it all goes!

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