Nearby Wanderer’s 2016 Recap

Nearby Wanderer's 2016 Recap

This year has been such a great year for us in terms of traveling, family, friends, and school. It was quite a successful year! We got to spend a lot of time with friends and family in different parts of the country. We visited friends and family in the Pacific Northwest; had a great time with a great friend in Northern California; cruised down a foggy Pacific Coast Highway; explored New York City; had great family time in Connecticut; and celebrated Jessica’s birthday in Las Vegas. What a great year it has been to travel around the country. So here is Nearby Wanderer’s 2016 recap.

Nearby Wanderer’s 2016 Recap

Seattle, Washington

We visited our good friends in Seattle earlier this year and had such a great time over there. Nothing beats drinking wine and catching up! Our good friends also toured us around their West Seattle neighborhood. It never fails to rain in the Pacific Northwest so we had some of that too. Check out this Seattle post for more.

Shout out to our friends, Jan and Mark for letting us stay with them!

seattle skyline

seattle public market

Seattle Friends

Portland, Oregon

Our “old stomping grounds.” What a special trip it was since Portland is the city where Jessica and I met each other 6 years ago. It was quite nostalgic walking around Downtown Portland, the Pearl District, and good ole’ Portland State University. Check out this Portland post for more.


Morgan Hill, California

Our friend moved there almost three years ago and we just wanted to spend some time with her. We had such a relaxing time even though Jessica and I had a cold. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed stay and our hosts up there. So, shout out to our friend Camelle and her lovely aunt for letting us stay with them!

Morgan Hill, California

San Francisco, California

I haven’t been to San Francisco in almost 7 years and it was great exploring this city. I really woudn’t try exploring it by foot. Good thing we had a car to go sightseeing. Highlights: Driving through the Golden Gate Bridge, seeing the Painted Ladies, our meal at Suppenkuche, and seeing Palace of the Fine Arts. Check out this San Francisco post for more!

san francisco skyline coit tower

Monterey, California

What a quaint and charming town! I’ve always loved these coastal towns and Monterey might be my favorite. Our friend gave us a quick tour of the city and later that day, we had clam chowder samples and got a little tipsy on margaritas. Check out this Monterey post for more!

Cannery Row, Monterey

Driving back down to SoCal from NorCal

We did the 17-mile drive which was pretty cool. We also drove down the 1-highway and saw some of Big Sur. It was quite foggy so we couldn’t see it all but it was such a relaxing drive nevertheless. It took us quite a while to get to San Luis Obispo where we had a good dinner. The whole drive from Morgan Hill down to Orange County took us about 10 hours since we really took our time to see the sights.

Monterey Bay California Coast

New York City

We planned to go to New York to see my siblings and to take full advantage of the Summer. Coincidentally, our friends also planned a short trip in New York and we got to spend two great days with them. It was a great 10 days in the East Coast and looking forward to going back this year. Check out these posts: NYC Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Washington Square Park with Friends

New London, Connecticut

After five days of walking in the heat in New York, we sought refuge in the quiet town of New London, Connecticut. We stayed with family and had a home cooked meals and lunch by the Marina. We also went to Mystic and the southern coastal areas of Rhode Island.



Las Vegas, Nevada

We got a good deal to stay at Aria where we celebrated Jessica’s birthday. We also met with her parents and her dear grandmother who also had a birthday. We also got to visit my cousin and her rowdy dogs in her adorable apartment in the outskirts of Vegas. What a fun trip but we really didn’t take a lot of photos. I guess we just enjoyed it all too much!

So that’s about it for traveling…

So that’s Nearby Wanderer’s 2016 recap. Aside from traveling, we also did well with our studies at CSULB. We got to spend a good amount of time with family and friends down here in Southern California. We also got to try some yummy food at the OC Night Market. When I’m not learning French, practicing photography, traveling, or doing something school-related, I’ve been playing some good video games! Christmas Eve was a fun day but for the later half of November to early December, I had the worst case of bronchitis!

I’ve also been learning more French and have been practicing my street photography. I hope that 2017 becomes an even better year for us. All we’ve got planned for the next year so far is our Europe trip in the summer. We will be in London, Scotland, Paris, and some parts of France. We’re so excited to spend a whole month in Europe next summer!

So, how was your 2016 and what have you got planned for 2017? Let me know by leaving a sweet comment below!

  • Mimi


    You had a great year and so did we! working on our recap video and man, we went to 16 countries!

  • kittylimon


    wow you went all over in 2016 so jealous, wish i could travel a lot more than i do, hopefully I can go somewhere this year =^.^=

  • Karoliina Kazi


    Great recap of 2016 – you’ve visited so many awesome places. Happy New Year Ron!

    • Ron

      Happy New Year, Karoliina!

  • Julia Bluhm


    Looks like you guys had a good year! Love the pictures. I want to visit some of these places so bad, especially around the pacific northwest and also California. Happy New Year! 🙂
    Julia ||

    • Ron

      I hope you get to visit the west coast sometime soon! Thanks and Happy New Year to you too!

  • Jasmin N


    Sounds like you had a great year around the US! 🙂 Would love to visit Boston!

  • Missy Burson


    I’m so impressed with how much travel you guys were able to accomplish in one year along with going to school! Do you have any posts with tips on more affordable travel?

    • Ron

      Thanks so much, Missy! We’re currently compiling tips and tricks for affordable travel in the form of a free pdf. I’ll definitely let you know! Happy New Year!

  • Helen


    What a great year of travelling. I love San Francisco but unlike you, I actually enjoy exploring by foot. I also hired a bike and cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge. Amazing.

    • Ron

      It was a great year for us, Helen! Oh, San Francisco was just to hilly to explore by foot. However, I enjoyed exploring Portland and New York by foot.. since those cities are pretty much flat! LOL 😀

  • elizabeth allcock


    Wow you visited lots of places! I have only ever been to New York and Las Vegas… San Francisco and Washington are still on the travel bucket list.

  • Jaycee


    Aah, I am so jealous of all your travels around the country this year – I’ve only been to New York on the east coast, and I’ve NEVER been to the west coast. I’d especially love to go to Portland and Seattle! I’m excited to hear later about your future trip to Europe! Safe travels!

    Jaycee |

    • Ron

      Thanks so much, Jaycee! I hope you get to travel to the west coast soon. Lots of great places to see over here!

  • Kintan


    These are fantastic pictures, fantastic places and looks like you had such a fantastic year too on 2016. Happy New Year 2017 dude, wish you all the best and successful year ahead.
    Cheers. xo


    • Ron

      Thanks so much, Kintan! Wishing you a great 2017 as well.

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