New York City Day 1: Shameless Tourists Having Fun


We flew out of Long Beach, California to JFK the day before our first full day in New York. We decided to upgrade to Even More Space on JetBlue so that we could have an empty middle seat. The closest you can get to first-class! When we got to my brother’s apartment, we just had a relaxing and enjoyable night but we couldn’t help being excited about what we would do the next day. Our friends from California were also in town and we would meet up with them for the next two days. Let the New York City adventure begin!

Warning: These are your typical tourist photos! If you’re not disgusted yet–you may proceed!

First Day in New York City

We’ve been to New York Before but this day, we weren’t afraid to be tourists again.

Jessica and I took the R train to 5th Ave and 59th St. The first thing we did was look at the Plaza and explore a little (very little) of Central Park. It was such a hot and humid day in the city but we didn’t that break our spirits. We were going to explore no matter what!

The Plaza Hotel and Central Park

The Plaza New York City

Central Park New York City Skyscrapers

After seeing a little bit of Central Park, we decided to go to the Plaza and take some pictures (and see some rich folks or more tourists). Or maybe to cool off a little bit inside the hotel.

The Plaza Hotel New York City

The Plaza Hotel Entrance New York City

The Plaza Chandelier New York City

Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center

Fifth Avenue New York City near Plaza Hotel

New York City Tiffany & Co

Atlas Statue Rockefeller Center New York City

New York City Rockefeller Center Sign

New York City Rockefeller Center

New York City Rockefeller Center

Radio City Music Hall and Times Square

New York City Radio City Music Hall

Times Square is a must-see place in New York City but it is one of my least favorites. Especially on this very hot and humid NYC day, this crowded junction can be unbearable! Nevertheless, here it is:

New York City Times Square

New York City Times Square

Times Square New York City

Ron Jess Times Square

Washington Square Park and Madison Square Park

New York City Washington Square Park

New York City near Washington Square Park

New York City Washington Square Park Art

You’d typically see people relaxing around and in the fountain at Washington Square Park. My favorites are those with their adorable dogs. I didn’t get to snap a photo but there was a really good looking Miniature Schnauzer!

Washington Square Park Fountain New York City

We waited until night time to see the lit arch. And look! There’s the Empire State Building way in the background!

Ron and Jess Washington Square Park

To end the night at Washington Square Park – a picture with friends… We met up with friends from California when we were at Rockefeller Center. We ended up spending the whole night with them. Of course, we would explore more of New York City with them the next day.

Washington Square Park with Friends

Flatiron Building and the Flatiron District

I apologize for the following “grainy” photos. We only had a Smartphone at this point. Lugging around a DSLR all day was just impossible in that very hot and humid day!

New York City Flatiron Building

Empire State Building New York City

Met Life Tower New York City Flatiron District

It was a great day!

We had a lot of fun walking around New York City despite of the stifling hot and humid weather. We walked to more places like NYU and Gramercy but failed to take pictures. When you’re chatting with friends, you forget to do so! We ended the night by going back to Queens for some Filipino food.

It was quite hard taking pictures while exploring, especially when you’re trying to find the balance between having fun and needing to blog. Due to the weather, we decided to leave the DSLR camera at the place we were staying. It’s just really hard carrying that thing around when you’re being dragged down by sweat and heat. Travel photography can really be tricky!

So we’re back from New York and we have more photos and experiences to share!

  • Frank Priegue


    NYC is a great tourist city, even for New Yorkers. I loved your night images in the Flatiron District! Did you walk the Highline?

  • janella


    I love new york my grand parents live there and it always feels like home to me

    • Ron

      Hi Janella! It’s always nice to have family to stay with in NYC right?

  • Mary


    I’m still an NYC tourist and I live 10 minutes from Manhattan. Haha. There so much to see and find. Great hidden gems all through the island and the boroughs. YOu look like you had such a blast!

    • Ron

      We did have a lot of fun! I’m sure there are days when you could be an NYC tourist if you wanted to. I actually loved Queens when we were there!

  • Rose Sahetapy


    At least now I visit NYC through your post and your photos. Thank you for sharing this. NY is already on my bucket list long time . I’m sure you guys had a fabulous time there. Oh, btw..I love that warning ?

    • Ron

      Hi Rose! I hope you get to visit NYC in the near future. We still have a lot of stories and photos to share, so please drop by again in the future. I had to do the warning! 😉

  • Annie


    Great photos! I wish my photos would turn out half that good….

    • Ron

      Thanks Annie! I hope you’re well 🙂

  • Kintan


    Woww….what an awesome pictures and you both looks like really having fun.
    My wish to visit NYC too one day.;-)

    • Ron

      It really was a lot of fun. I’m sure you’ll find a way to see NYC!

  • Natasa


    Great post, i hope i will visit this place and enjoy the fun and the beauty

    For more ideas for your next trip please visit

    • Ron

      Thanks, Natasa!

  • kaleigh


    Ya gotta do it at least once!! A friend of mine that lives in NYC says to always be a tourist. If you want to be a real New Yorker, get a cubicle and be angry all day. LOL. Awesome photos!

    • Ron

      That’s right! LOL 😀 There’s so many things to discover in the city that even New Yorkers must explore it.

  • Kitty


    Looks amazing I look forward to the day I can visit nyc ?

    • Ron

      It was great Kitty! Hope you get to visit NYC soon!

  • Maca


    Such a perfect NYC tour for your first time!

    • Ron

      It was a great day! It wasn’t our first time but it seems like it, right? Just being shameless tourists!

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