New York City Day 3: Union Square & Upper East Side

New York Union Square

Our third day in New York City wasn’t that eventful although it was quite relaxing. We reserved the day (night) to spend time with family so we didn’t really explore the city all that much. After all, we’ve done so much exploring in our first two days that we just wanted to take it easy. We just walked around the Union Square and 14th Street area and later made our way to Upper East Side. I hope you like the photos here, even if they’re just “buildings.” The architecture is great though!

Union Square, 14th Street Area

Photo New York City Union Square



We really didn’t take many photos but it was quite a relaxing walk in the neighborhood.



Then we made our way to Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. The Artichoke pizza was actually pretty good! I recommend it.

Artichoke Basille's Pizza in New York City


We just had to eat it outside and soak up the sights and sounds. It was a really hot and humid day though but you just have to ignore it. It’s all part of it!


After eating, we walked to catch the subway heading to Upper East Side. We had to meet with family at a certain hour and unfortunately, we had to join the rush hour crowd. The subway was packed!

Upper East Side

You can definitely tell that rich people live here. We feel like we didn’t belong! Oh well. In the end, we explored the Upper East Side looking for a public restroom. We must’ve walked around for about an hour looking for one.

We got off of the train at Hunter College and later, we even made it to Central Park Zoo just looking for a public restroom! The heat and humidity plus my burning urge to pee was a horrible combination.

Photo of Central Park Zoo gate New York City

Photo of Upper East Side New York City Taxi Cab

Photo of Upper East Side New York City

Photo of New York City Upper East Side

Photo of New York City Upper East Side

Photo of New York City Upper East Side

Photo of New York Presbyterian Hospital in Upper East Side

We didn’t take many pictures that day but I hope you enjoyed the ones we took. New York City architecture is always worth to look at.

In case you missed it, check out our first and second day in New York City! Have you been to these places? Which part of New York is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a nice little comment below! 🙂

  • Julia Bluhm


    Your photos look really great! Glad you enjoyed your trip. I love going to NYC, it’s one of my favorite cities. I totally get what you said about feeling a tad out of place around the Upper East Side, it’s pretty fancy 😉

    • Ron

      Thanks so much, Julia! NYC is just amazing and it is also one of our favorite cities.

  • Minimalist fashion


    Looks like a great day! Yummy pizza recommendation 🙂

    • Ron

      It was a great day, definitely! The pizza was quite delicious. I enjoyed eating it outside the restaurant and just watch the scenes on the streets. Hope you’re well 🙂

  • Борка Шаула


    It seems so unreal seeing these photos after watching Gossip girl so many times! Upper east side really has it all! On that pizza bought me completely!

    • Ron

      Upper East Side is a whole other world. I feel like everyone is just so wealthy and that we didn’t quite belong there. Still a great place to explore though. Hope you’re well 🙂

  • Laveena Sengar


    I just love this place. Have always wanted to visit. Looks like you had a fun time 🙂

  • kittylimon


    great photos, hope you enjoyed your time in NYC i really wish that I could visit one day 🙂

    • Ron

      Thanks, Kitty! You’ll visit NYC one day, I just know it!

  • GoodnightTheSkye


    New York has been a dream destination of mine for so long – but you had wonderful food and the sun so it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    • Ron

      It was a wonderful time indeed. Hope you get to visit NYC sometime soon!

  • Kallia


    Great pictures! I’m so envious of you! New York is on my bucket list for the longest time…. 1 day. Hopefully sooner than later!! Enjoy!!

    • Ron

      I hope you get to visit New York City soon and I’m sure you will!

  • Katja


    Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a great day ? xx

    • Ron

      Yes, Katja. Thanks! We had a pretty relaxing day!

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