New York City Day 4: A Day for Two

A photo of Greenwich Village in New York City

Our 4th day was the first time Jess and I could explore the city without anything scheduled. Our first and second day in New York City were spent with friends and the third day with family; so we were really looking forward to this day. We didn’t have an agenda but we still wanted to spend sometime in Central Park and so we began our day doing so. We slept in and woke up late but knowing that New York City never sleeps, we knew we could always stay out as late as we wanted.

Central Park Again!

Again, it was a hot and humid day but we still haven’t spent that much time at the park. We wanted to just sit and relax. So we took the R train to 57th St and 7th Avenue and saw Carnegie Hall. Then off to Central Park!

a photo of Carnegie Hall in New York City


We had to take a selfie, of course!

A photo of Central Park NYC

We take “stopping” for granted. Often, we forget to stop. It’s just nice to take in the view and forget your worries. It was just great seeing families with children enjoying their day at Central Park.

A photo of Central Park in New York City



Of course we had to stop by Strawberry Fields and see this! (above) There were so many people taking pictures. We also so a man playing the guitar and singing Beatles and John Lennon songs. I wish I recorded a bit of it.

New York City’s Upper West Side

Then we walked around the Upper West Side or at least the west edge of Central Park. We stopped by the Dakota where John Lennon lived and unfortunately, where he was assassinated. The building was surrounded by scaffolding, construction, and road maintenance. I really didn’t get a good picture of it.

A photo of the Dakota in New York City


Above: A rumor is that Bono has a unit at the San Remo. Being a huge U2 fan, I had to get my picture taken. I really didn’t plan wearing my U2 shirt for this. Also, I wanted to “stalk” the premises but we found out that Bono was in Los Angeles at the time.


Above: Lunch at Shake Shack! It was really good. People ask whether In-N-Out is better and I would say they’re apples and oranges. But as a Californian, I still prefer a Double Double from In-N-Out. We loved that Black and White milkshake though!


After devouring our lunch, we hung out next to Shake Shack for a little bit and took some selfies. Also, we just wanted to enjoy the sights.

Time to hang out at the Village

We decided to meet up with a college friend somewhere in the village. We didn’t get to meet up until 9pm so we had a lot of time to kill. We basically just walked around and sat outside a cafe. Couldn’t ask for a more relaxing day in New York City.






We didn’t get to take some pictures with my friend and his girlfriend when we met up. We had a lot of fun though. We just went to a bar with live music and moved on somewhere quieter and had more drinks. Drinks in New York (especially in the village) can get quite expensive! But hey, when you haven’t seen a friend for over six years, it just doesn’t matter.

After hanging out with friends, we sat for a little bit at Washington Square Park and just admired the arch. Since some subway lines stopped running that late into the night, we didn’t get home until about 2 in the morning! And how our legs ached from all the walking!

And that was it!

This post was meant to be uploaded this summer but life got in the way. I was so busy lately that I couldn’t keep a regular blogging schedule. But I hope you all are doing well 🙂

  • lottie


    Ahhh! So much here!! I love love your New York posts!!! I have to go listen to Strawberry Fields now. In-n-out any day, for sure! (and can you make it animal style?) That totally sucks that you didn’t get to meet Bono (we have a running joke in my family that my dad is bono and I don’t know how it got started… but I have an extra special place in my heart for him haha) and these pictures<3 <3 <3

    • Ron

      Hi Lottie! It’s nice to hear from you. I went to the U2 concert last summer and was literally 10 ft away from Bono. I’m a huge U2 fan so I thought I’d give it a shot–walk around upper west side and maybe see Bono. But of course, he wasn’t there. You’re dad being Bono is hilarious! Thank you so much for stopping by. New York was awesome!

  • Misa


    It sounds like such a lovely day with good company at the end :))

  • Saranda


    Absolutely loved reading this! I so need to go to New York asap!!

  • Борка Шаула


    Oh, Central park! I don’t know in how many movies I’ve seen it, but it must have felt great taking a walk out there. It’s such a well known part of NYC.

  • Kait


    Wow I love all the pics to go along with your day! I am dying to go to New York one day, there is just so much to see and do!

  • Jasmin N


    Oh, how I miss those fries! NYC is such an amazing place 🙂

  • Sarah | Lavender Life


    Beautiful pictures! I would love to visit New York sometime!

  • Karoliina Kazi


    Really, really gorgeous pictures! I love New York and Central Park is just so gorgeous!

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