6 Tips to Strengthen Your Passion for Learning

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Passion for Learning

Yes, you do have the passion for learning! You browsed the Internet looking for answers to some questions and for some odd reason, you landed here. Most of us have the passion for learning but I feel that it is not as “loud” sometimes. We have different passions in life whether its cooking, traveling, writing, music, and just a whole lot more. The truth is we have many passions but we hardly acknowledge our “passion for learning.” Let’s discuss what this passion is and how to strengthen it even more.

I am an academic tutor and I have tutored chldren of all ages. I always try to inspire them to love the learning process and yes, I did see some difference in them once I tell them something similar to this post. It always puts a smile on my face when my students appear to be driven to learn more about the topic at hand.

The Passion for Learning

My high school biology teacher told me many times that I was an underachiever; I was a lazy student who just didn’t care for biology. But she also complemented me on my strengths and said that if I just applied these strengths when it comes to learning, I would be better off.

Complement or insult? I really took it as neither. I was young and probably didn’t really care.

Then as I got older, I realized what my biology teacher kept saying to me: If I applied my strengths to the process of learning, I really could achieve quite a few things. I realized that one of my strengths is my curiosity. I simply want to learn about anything and everything.

I really love learning about new things and I feel unaccomplished if I didn’t learn more about something in one day; or if I wasn’t making any progress on learning a particular skill; or if I didn’t acknowledge and learn from my mistakes.

So in short, the passion for learning = to love and want to learn!

How do we strengthen our passion for learning?

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Passion for Learning

There are a few things I realized on how to become a better learner. Let’s address one truth: we tend to ignore the learning part when it comes to topics that do not spark any interest in us. For example, I am not a “fashionista” and so I never really put the time to learn anything about fashion.

I guess I could learn a few things about the world of fashion. We can always make it a goal to learn more about many things in this world (there’s so much to learn from it).

Here are some few tips on how to strengthen the passion for learning:

#1 Talk about your passions

When I sit down with friends at a coffee shop, I like to talk about my passions a lot. We often discuss the economy, government, the election, U.S. history, and so much more. (Don’t worry, we’re never going to get political here) The more I talk about my interests and passions, the more I want to learn about them.

Your peers, friends, and family will respect you for this. They might even think you’re an expert at something. You’ll know that they respect you once they keep going to you for advice and questions about a certain topic that you’re really passionate about. And because they see you as an “authority,” then you will want to learn more about your passions.

For example, if your friends always ask you about cooking, you could assume that they respect your knowledge in that field. And it just makes you want to keep learning about cooking, recipes, cuisines, cultures, ingredients, and so much more!

#2 Use every resource available for learning purposes

In these modern times, we have more resources than ever. We have the Internet, the public libraries, mentors, teachers, ebooks, magazines, blogs, academic database, podcasts, videos, and just so much more!

Use these resources to learn more about something. This is how I learned to play guitar or cook something. I learned how to save money or improve my photography skills. I learned how to say a few things in French.

I’m sure you already do this so I say–keep up the great work! The world is our teacher!

#3 Follow the experts

If you’re interested in a particular topic, you might want to follow the experts in that field whether they’re your neighbor, your teachers, your boss, or experts online. They might just inspire you to learn more about that field and help you become an expert as well.

#4 Acknowledge that you want to grow!

Ultimately, we want to learn because we want to grow. Whether it is growing into a leader, a parent, an educator, a friend, or anything else–we grow from learning. Consider your goals and aspirations. You will want to learn more because you have these “goals.” Don’t treat learning like homework or you will stress yourself out; you might associate learning with stress when it doesn’t have to be!

Also, check out Huffington Post’s “7 Quotes to Inspire You to Keep Learning”

#5 Ask why the material is important to you

Asking why you need to learn the material will help you decide why and how you want to learn it. And once you’ve figured out why it’s important, you’re more likely to enjoy the learning process. You can even make a list like this one:

It's important that I learn how to cook because

It’s important that I learn how to cook because…

1. I want to learn a new skill
2. I want better meals for my family
3. I want to do something special for my family or significant other
4. I want to impress my friends
5. I want to throw a dinner party

#6 Love yourself!

Final Tip: This tip may sound cheesy but it really is important. We need to learn how to value our self-worth. Give yourself some reasons to be happy. Nothing really matters more than believing in yourself. As you get more comfortable with this idea, you will find that learning about anything becomes easier. When you wake up in the morning and you feel thankful to be alive, you tend to seize the opportunities that life throws at you; then you tend to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

This could be the most important tip of all!


Seize the opportunities and keep up the great work. Love the learning process as you love your other passions. If you love cooking, you must already love learning how to make new dishes. If you love basketball, you must already love learning how to improve your game.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring or stressful. I guess the main point of these “tips” is to learn “how to love learning.” I hope that these tips help you in this quest.

So remember to:

1. Talk about your passions a lot!
2. Use every resource out there to learn more
3. Follow the experts
4. Acknowledge that you want to grow
5. Ask why you want to learn something
6. Love yourself (it inspires you to learn)

Do you have any tips on how to strengthen our passion for learning? Leave me a comment below!

  • Michaela


    Great tips, specially the first one really works – I always feel way more motivated after talking about my hobbies and interests 🙂 But sometimes the bad thing is that I have too many interests 😀 :))

    • Ron

      Hi Michaela! It’s alright to have “too many” interests. That means you’re so well-rounded!

  • Diana


    haha i need to start following your tips – just finished university and need that motivation back ❀ dynamicbohemian.com

    • Ron

      Congratulations on finishing university! I’m sure you will learn more things after university!

  • sherina


    great tips!! love speaking about my passions and interests! Doing so just makes me want to learn more!!

  • sherina


    great tips!!!
    I love talking about my passions and interests. Doing so.. makes me want to learn more !

    • Ron

      Yes, Sherina! I feel like the more we talk about our interests, the more we want to learn about them. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Jasmin N


    Wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    <3: Jasmin N

    • Ron

      Thanks, Jasmin!

  • daytodayMOMents


    These are great tips, I teach but in the unconventional way so these I can’t agree with more. Great post. 🙂

    • Ron

      We all have different learning styles right? The most important thing is to keep that passion for learning alive. Personally, I feel great when I’m motivated to learn and improve myself. I hope all is well 🙂

  • kittylimon


    As somebody who loves learning but dislikes learning environments like classrooms reminding myself everyday of my goals and passions helps me get through university and come september will help me again with my masters. loved the blog – good luck with your own studies

    • Ron

      Hi Kitty! Yes, I agree that goals and passions kind of motivate us to learn and survive any learning environment. If you’re really interested in something, you will want to learn more about it. Good luck with university and best wishes with the masters program as well! So exciting!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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