Portland, Oregon 2016 [Photos]

Portland Pioneer Square Courthouse

What a great time it was visiting our “college” city! We certainly felt the nostalgia as we walked through the wet streets of Portland, Oregon earlier this year. Despite the rain when we arrived, the skies seemed to have opened and cleared when we strolled through Stumptown that great Friday.

We really enjoyed the city: We visited our old college, Portland State University; strolled through Downtown Portland, admiring the architecture; hopped on the Streetcar and the Max to get to various destinations around Downtown; had a hot cup of coffee at Sisters Coffee Company in the Pearl District; looked over the edge of the barricades, as we enjoyed the rippling waters of the Willamette River; met up with an old friend and went bar hopping while we talked of old tales; and the list goes on.

We took some pictures of downtown, the Pearl District, Portland State, and 23rd St. I hope these pictures (all taken by us) inspire you to visit Portland. It really is a one-of-a-kind city!

Here are a few pictures.

Downtown Portland

Portland Pioneer Courthouse Square
Pioneer courthouse square in downtown portland

Portland Pioneer Courthouse

Pioneer Courthouse in Downtown Portland (above)
Portland Pioneer Courthouse Square

Portland Pioneer Courthouse Square


giant chess pieces

Portland Director Park

Director Park in downtown (above)

Portland Ankeny Square

Portland Burnside Bridge

Burnside Bridge (above)

Burnside Bridge

Oregon convention center

Oregon Convention Center with the green “spires” (above)


park in portland oregon

Portland Stag Sign

The famous white stag sign (above)


Portland North Park Blocks

Portland Old Town

The Portland Loo

The Portland Loo (above) It’s indeed a “unique solution to a universal problem.”

Portland KOIN tower

 Portland State University

Of course, we had to visit good ole’ PSU, where Jessica and I met. There has been a lot of development in the last 5 years.

Portland State University Rec Center

Portland State University Max

Portland State University Hoffmann Hall

PSU Stephen Epler Hall

In front of our old dorm building, The Stephen Epler Hall (Above)

Walking to this building brought back a lot of memories. We could almost see and hear our old friends chatting outside. We heard the beep of the main door as people waved their keycards to it. It was weird. We sent the picture above to our old friends; just had to say a quick “hello” to all.

Portland State University PSU Park Blocks

 The Pearl District and 23rd Street

Portland Powell's Bookstore

Powell’s Books (above) No Portland trip is complete, without visiting the city of books!

books at Powell's bookstore in Portland

Sister's Coffee Pearl District Portland

Pearl District Streetcar

Portland Little Big Burger at 23rd

One of my favorite burger places. Little Big Burger (above)

Salt & Straw Portland

Salt & Straw at 23rd St. (above) Amazing ice cream!

Jessica had the Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper. It was very delicious. (I had some of her SHBWBP) I had the Stumptown Coffee & Burnside Bourbon. Mine was very delicious too. (photo below)

Portland Salt & Straw Ice Cream

Have you been to Portland, Oregon? Do you live there? Where do you like to hangout? Please leave us your comments below!

  • Nazrin Miah


    Such pretty pictures! You’ve definitely captured Portland beautifully and have done justice to its beauty!

    I’ve noted Portland in my travel diary!


    • Ron

      Thank you so much! I hope you’re well.

  • kaleigh


    This place looks so perfect! I’ve always wanted to go to Portland but never really knew why or what exactly I wanted to do there (I have an obsession with the West Coast!) But these pictures definitely exude those rainy Portland vibes and it looks so comfortable and slow and perfect! Ugh. Makes me want to go even more!! Awesome photos.

    • Ron

      Thanks, Kaleigh! I hope you get to visit the west coast more often 🙂

  • Hali -daytodayMOMents


    I’ve never been there and as a NYer who lacks appreciation for the beauty of cities, posts like this make me stop and admire the beauty of structures and just great views all around.
    It’s so nice to see pics of you guys, so sweet. Also how sweet you guys went to school together, I could imagine the weird feeling of re visiting.
    Time surely flies by! Looks like a great place!

    • Ron

      Thank you so much. We try our best to capture the best pictures. Yes, time just flies! I hope you’re well 🙂

  • Jay


    Your travel photography is really improving Ron! Portland looks incredible and you’ve managed to capture it in so many awesome photos! Really excellent work on this post.

    Jay | Eclectic Elite

    • Ron

      Thanks, Jay! It means a lot! Portland is great city to travel to. I hope you’re well!

  • kittylimon


    I always feel a tinge of jealousy reading other peoples travel blogs, the places are always so beautiful and this was no exception 🙂 lovely read and photos.

    • Ron

      Thanks! Portland, Oregon is a great place especially when the weather permits walking. Lots of things to do in the city. I hope you enjoyed the photos, Kitty!

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