Ron’s Summer Bucket List 2016

Ron's Summer Bucket List A Photo of the beach

I’m not really one for making lists but I would like an attempt at a summer bucket list. Some people love making lists and I hope I get to love it too. This year has actually been an amazing one for us in terms of traveling, excelling in school (I made the President’s List at CSULB), and just trying new and exciting things. So I would like to add on to the summer excitement by making my own summer bucket list. Jessica just did this too so it inspired me to kind of do it this year.

I intend to write a blog on an update on this list after this summer. So stay tuned!

Ron’s Summer Bucket List 2016

I’m a person that likes to plan and then changing things up the last minute. It’s a horrible habit but my inclinations fluctuate. That is one constant for me: I change my mind all the time. This time, I want to make a list of activities or goals that I won’t be able to change as quickly. How about we start it off with–”Stick to the plan.” That should be number one on this list!

1) Stick to the plan!

Jessica and I would plan things sometimes and just before we get to do it, I will suggest an alternative plan for the day. It’s horrible and I should change this attitude. If we say we’re going to the beach on Friday, we should be going to the beach and not suggesting that we just stay home or just get coffee. Therefore, I must be certain that I can follow-through before I even make any summer promises.

2) Be a morning person

This is the hardest on this summer bucket list since I suffer from sleep anxiety and insomnia. But lately, I have been very good with my sleeping or at least waking up. This month, I have been waking up at around 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. There have been times where I woke up at 11 a.m. but I told myself that this is progress. Before, I used to go to bed late at night or in the early morning and wake up at noon or later. I know, I know… It’s really bad.

What motivates me to at least wake up as early as I can is the summer heat during the day. If I sleep early at night, I would be able to avoid sleeping in the summer heat. Southern California summers can be really stifling.

I also noticed that I’ve been in a much better mood lately when I wake up in the morning. Goal: Wake up at 8 a.m. at least! I get happy when I’m up in the morning and could see something like this:

Photo of Morgan Hill California

3) Write a song

When I was 16, I started writing songs and in fact in the two year period after my first song, I have written more than 10 songs. As I grew older, I became my worst critic and I’ve only written 5 songs after that year. I’m in my mid-twenties now! I hope I get to write at least one song this summer.

It was such a great feeling to “debut” a song in front of friends and most of them know the lyrics (at least to the chorus of the song) to this very day! I’m humbled and yet “mocked.” Some of them would sing it in a way that was very “making fun of me.” I don’t take it personally.

4) Be more active

Ron's Summer Bucket List A Photo of the beach

Like Jessica, she wrote down being “more active” as an item on her summer bucket list. I have always been a fan of just reading, writing, listening to music, playing the guitar, and blogging that I forget to get more active. Yes, I’m overweight if you didn’t know. It’s probably time to change this! Let’s start by at least walking around the neighborhood everyday and then we’ll see how it goes.

5) Pardon my French but I will improve my French

Since I was in Junior High, I’ve always been attracted to the French language. I don’t know what it is but I love the idea of speaking it. Yes, I can speak it a little bit but I’ve always known that I can go a little further with it. I try my best practicing my French but this summer, I want to dedicate at least an hour of the day on just learning French. I always said this to myself but then after a week, I do not follow through. I hope that this blog post holds me accountable. This will be quite useful since we are planning a trip to Paris (and London) for next Spring.

6) Work on this blog

This blog has inspired me to do many things this year. The people I’ve connected with (authors of other blogs) have been so inspiring and great. I want to make sure that I can at least inspire as many people as I can. I want to at least inspire people to blog themselves! We are in the process of making huge plans for the blog like interviewing local artists in Orange County in an effort to inspire young artists. I want to post more consistently and make sure that there is new content for you guys every week (even every other day).

I hope you support us by liking our Facebook page, following this blog, or subscribing to our email list. It will be greatly appreciated! You can also follow us at Twitter and Instagram.

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7) Redecorate our room/office

The apartment we live in is very old; it bakes like an oven during the summer probably due to poor insulation. Well, I don’t know much about insulation but the point is–it’s very old. There’s not much I can do with the structure of it but I would like to re-arrange and redecorate the room. It serves as our office for blogging, tutoring, and school. It has gotten very messy and cluttered lately and I would like to do some spring cleaning (or I guess, summer cleaning).

Hopefully by the end of summer, we can get this room re-arranged and redecorated. It would be better if we could do this for a cheaper price. We’ll start with some photo frames. We’ll share before and after photos by end of summer!

8) Write a short story

I’ve always dabbled in writing a book but then as you know, I’m my worst critic and I end up scrapping my stories and dumping my characters all together. Bye bye, congressman!

Hopefully, I get to write a short story and I’m open to sharing it with you all here on Nearby Wanderer.

9) Work on my photography skills


I’ve never been really one to take pictures all my life but I find that I enjoy it more and more everyday. This blog really has inspired me to take the best photos as we can with what we have. When we started this blog, all I really had was an iPhone 5 and then the average camera of my old BlackBerry Z30. And then we started using the BlackBerry Passport and Jessica’s iPhone 6s. Recently, we got our DSLR camera working and we have been using that.

I kind of know how to work it on manual mode and I’m still learning. I really want to get better at it so that I can post great photos here on Nearby Wanderer for you all. I also want to learn it for myself. I’m really excited for this to be on my summer bucket list.

10) Learn a new skill

I’ve been very independent since I was a little child. I have always been an explorer and a learner. I remember teaching myself how to write in cursive (which I still do today), play the guitar and the piano, “learn French,” cook, ride the bicycle, and many more! After many painful attempts at a skill, I have been successful with learning many things.

I hope that this summer I find a skill that I could be good at. I’m thinking cars… No too hard. How about getting better at first-person shooter video games? Eh. Well, we’ll see. I hope I find something I really like and get better at doing it. Maybe actually shoot a three-pointer and make it consistently?

Well that’s it for now…

I don’t know how much of these I can actually accomplish. I don’t even know if this summer bucket list is qualified to be an actual “bucket list.” It seems boring right?

On top of this summer bucket list, we have our Summer Plans 2016. Check it out to see what we’re up to this summer.

Let me know what you think. What is on your summer bucket list and what are you most excited to do this summer? Please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear ’em!

  • Rae


    These all sound like a lot of great hopes for the summer and will definitely make you productive and positive as you work towards your goals! Gook luck with them all, cannot wait to see how your photography skills develop and good luck with French! It is a beautiful language, which I could speak it!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Ron

      Hi Rae,

      Thanks for dropping by! I’m not one for making lists but I want my summer to be a little more productive this year. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about photography and I really want to polish my French since we will visit France next year. Thanks for the good luck wishes and I hope you’re well!


  • Julia


    Love this bucket list! That’s awesome that you have written songs before, I wish I could do something like that!
    I totally agree about trying to be a morning person. Most of the time I’m forced to get up early because I have to go to school or work, but during the summer I try not to let myself sleep in too much- otherwise it feels like the day slips away!

    • Ron

      Hi Julia!

      I’m sure you have some kind of creative release and songwriting used to be a passion of mine! And yes, it is so easy to just sleep in and it’s quite difficult to get my sleeping in order again once I wake up too late during the day.

      I hope you’re well! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Jen Hsieh


    I love how ambitious this bucket list is. My favorite is your goal to be a morning person; over time I’ve realized I’m happiest/most productive during the morning (well, once I manage to actually get out of bed), b/c it just seems like you have so much of your day ahead of you.

    Love the creative goals too, like writing a short story and a song. Can’t wait to watch you cross things off!

    • Ron

      Thanks for dropping by, Jen!

      Sleeping in feels so good while you’re still in bed but I get quite depressed when I wake up too late. I feel like the day is wasted! 🙁 I wanted this summer to be very productive so I set those goals for the summer!

      I hope you’re well!

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