Recovering from Tooth Extraction, Ouch!

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I’m currently recovering from a recent almost-emergency tooth extraction. We were in New York two weeks ago and my lower left molar started hurting. Apparently, there was a vertical crack in my tooth and my dentist says that the my filling from my previous dental work (and previous dentist) was a little too big. This lower left molar can no longer be saved. Since we have a Vegas vacation planned for next week, I wanted to get the tooth extracted as soon as possible so I could be somewhat “healed” for the vacation.

Due to the resting and recovering, I have not been able to blog as consistently this week. I just wanted to give a little update for those who might be wondering. I would also share some insights on dental work and recovery from oral surgery in the near future. I hope that I get to help anyone with questions regarding this.

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So for now, I’m just at home taking antibiotics and not eating super-solid foods; which is very depressing! Tooth extraction – something to dread but if needed, don’t put it off! Save yourself from more pain, folks!

Have you had any dental work lately? Did it hurt? Do you have a very memorable dental experience? Leave me a comment below!

  • Adetunji


    I have never had any dental work carried out except for a little clean on my lower anteriors if needed. I enjoy carrying out dental work on my patients.

  • lottie


    oh, man, what a bummer! dental work is always at an inconvenient time! glad you got it over and done with and I hope you feel better for your trip!!

    I had my six month check-up/cleaning last thursday and scheduling my next appointment (gosh it was weird going in without a parent!) the receptionist was all, okay… february 2017… and I was like whoa, what? I’m not ready for 2017 plans!! haha!

    • Ron

      Hi Lottie! Yes, I got. It over with and currently enjoying our vacation. Yes, it feels weird isn’t it?– to go to the dentist without a parent. I used to be dragged by my mom when I was a child. You know you’re an adult when you go to the dentist by yourself! Hope you’re well 🙂

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