When We Saw U2 in Seattle

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U2 360 Tour Qwest Field Seattle Washington
U2 360 Tour Qwest Field Seattle Washington

U2 360 Tour at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. Photo credit: Ron Mariano

When I was growing up, the band I listened to the most was U2. I grew up loving music from the ’80s and U2 was definitely a band of that particular decade. I always wanted to see U2 live and when they announced their 360 tour, I had to get tickets. I originally bought two tickets for the show though I didn’t know who to go with. I probably promised some people that they can have the other ticket but later on, I met my girlfriend when I attended Portland State University in Portland, OR. Of course, I’d give her the other ticket.

I’ve never been to Seattle before and that was my first time. We stayed in the outskirts of the city to save money. The purpose of the trip was just to see U2 and a bit of Seattle. We only had a day to really explore the city.

We were lucky to have such great weather that day. For an outdoor stadium concert, thank goodness it didn’t rain! Anyway, I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I had the iPhone 4 at the time. Here are some photos:

Seattle, Washington. Photo credit: Nearby Wanderer

Pike Place. Seattle, WA. Photo Credit: Nearby Wanderer


Safeco Field Seattle Washington

U2 360 Qwest Field 2

U2 360 Tour Qwest Field Seattle Washington 2011

U2 360 Tour Qwest Field Seattle Washington Lights

That’s all the good pictures I had on my old iPhone 4. Should bring a better camera next time U2 comes around. Should post the U2 360 Tour in Anaheim, CA next.


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