Why you should try a BlackBerry 10 phone

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If you love your phone as a camera, part time mobile gaming device, an app machine, this recommendation might not be for you. But hear me out!

Many people have long forgotten BlackBerry as a company that made great quality communication devices. When I tell people that I have a BlackBerry or tell them about BBM, they look at me like I’m crazy and say “BlackBerry still exists?” or for younger peeps, “What’s a BlackBerry?”

Ohh, how I also love the attention. But I won’t recommend a BlackBerry just for the attention. I truly love my BlackBerry Z30 and for everything that it is. I’ve never been more productive on the go and I’ve never before enjoyed such an experience.

There are many reasons why you should try one out: battery life, mobile security, BlackBerry 10 OS, the best virtual keyboard, BlackBerry Blend, storage expansion, and of course the BlackBerry Hub. Let’s briefly discuss all of its advantage.

Battery Life

BlackBerry has always been known for its device’s battery life. My 8 month old Z30 still goes from 100% to 1% in 18-22 hours with mixed usage. I never had to find a place to charge my phone during a busy day. It gives me some peace of mind when I know that I can go out there and not have to worry about my phone dying.

The BlackBerry Z30 and Passport hold the most juice! These phones are great for travelers and adventurers. They’re very trustworthy and durable.

Virtual Keyboard

After a long time iPhone user, I’ve never had a keyboard as great as BlackBerry 10’s virtual keyboard. Its predictive capabilities along with its flicking up feature lets me type with (auto-corrected) accuracy and speed. It also has some features like gestures to perform functions such as deleting words and going for punctuations. Watch this video from CrackBerry.com (The OS in display is 10.2 but we now have the update to the beautiful 10.3.2)

Of course, this is only applicable to the full-touch BlackBerry devices like the Z30, Z10, Z3, and Leap. If I were to recommend any of these phones, I’d go for the Z30 for its size and specs.

Storage Expansion

To my knowledge, all BlackBerry smartphones allows you to upgrade your storage by equipping it with a micro SD slot. I have a habit of having different kinds of files like documents, music, photos, and videos with me. Most iPhone users I know, (and this is not a knock on them), only have 200-400 songs or so but I get to have more than 2000 songs on my BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Passport can be equipped with a 128GB microSD card. That’s pretty neat!

The BlackBerry Hub

My BlackBerry Z30 is my daily driver. I need to ‘feel’ connected with the world and the Hub brings everything (email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM, text messages, voicemail) into one page. It is the most amazing thing! Here’s a video by BlackBerry:

BlackBerry Blend

For as long as I’ve owned my BlackBerry Z30, I’ve always waited for the 10.3.2 update since this particular update incorporated BlackBerry Blend. You can use Blend to access almost everything that is in your BlackBerry device and manage them on your computer–any computer. As far as I know, you can do it on tablets too.

You can basically drag and drop files to and from your computer. You won’t need a cord to do all of these and you get to play around with your file manager. Amazing!

There’s more…

Many people still complain about the lack of apps available for BlackBerry however, if you have time to tinker with it you actually can install Google Play on it. Also, the Amazon Appstore seems to help with the app gap. I pretty much have every app I installed on my iPhone 5 on my Z30.

Now is the time to get BlackBerry devices. Not only are they more affordable but they are also proven quality phones. I won’t compare BlackBerry 10 to Android or iOS but if you want another alternative, I say give BlackBerry 10 a try. It might just surprise you!

My uses for my trusty BlackBerry Z30

  • Writing this blog
  • Browsing my huge library of photos to use for the blog, Twitter, and our @nearbywanderer Instagram account
  • Writing papers
  • Listening to podcasts and my 2000+ songs (BlackBerry Z30’s speakers are loud!)
  • Listening to FM radio (yes the Z30 has FM)

You might say that you can do this with any phone, and that’s true, but try it on the BlackBerry anyway. After all, the BlackBerry Z30 is now available at 1/3 the price of the iPhone 5 and 6.

BlackBerry Z30 16GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Smartphone – Pure White

Have you ever tried a BlackBerry device before? What do you think about it? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!


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